Lisbon’s Specialty Coffee Scene

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Fan of third wave coffee? If so, you are in luck because Lisbon’s specialty coffee scene is on the rise. Just a short walk from both the Vintage and Lumiares, you can find some of Lisbon’s newest coffee spots. In no particular order, find some of our favourites here…

Hello, Kristof. Small leafy café where you can read a selection of independent magazines will sipping your flat white.

Comoba. Coffee plus all the coffee alternatives (charcoal, matcha, beetroot or chai), complete with house-made nut milk.

Fábrica Coffee Roasters. One of the first speciality coffee shops in Lisbon, two locations well worth a visit.

The Mill. Delicious coffee with a side of avocado toast? This is your spot.

Copenhagen Coffee Lab & Bakery. Several locations across Lisbon, and be sure to try the cinnamon buns.